Mary Skrenta

My latest body of wearable sculpture, When Push Comes to Shove, is born of my sculptural work that references the body and concepts of repression/liberation — restraint/release. Bulging forms breaking free despite hard compression is a visual metaphor for the push we humans must inflict on the social restraints that threaten to squash us into submission. Ageist, misogynistic, political, religious… these constraints threaten to choke our voice.

Process follows concept: Stoic form is forced into undulation under pressure, malleable clay is cinched to the breaking point, slick epoxy fills cavities and slides over…metal becomes velvet through texture and color…

The work references abstracted body parts, sensual and unnerving….forcing us to question our value structure. Lumps and bumps, oozings and drips, thick folds…

What is beautiful? What is sensual? What is illicit?

What is acceptable?

Will we continue to allow american culture and the patriarchy to decide for us, or are we ready to decide for ourselves?

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