Mary Skrenta

The real.

liberation from repression

            restraint  and release.

I am interested not in what art is, but what it does.

I am exploring notions of value and cultural constructs in an attempt to reflect the uncomfortable complexity of the  human animal. Fear. I am provoked by cultural conditioning that trains us to value an artificial version of the human state.

I am a Materialsmith.

My unconventional forms are the product of an unconventional process using unconventional materials.

Anticipation during tense moments pushes the limits of materials as humans should push the boundaries of convention. 

The transformation of materials mimics the transformation of a psychological state in response to cultural and societal influences. Social constructs press upon us; when we can bear no more we press back or explode.

Process is  Philosophy

Marked by the uncontrollable, pushing limits, surrendering to chaos, planting the seed.

Making is Living.

Living is Making.

Accidentally onPurpose

One.  care

plant seeds

Two. release 

walk away


/then, Pay


stop, sit,                listen


success and failure


What are your standards, what is your criteria? 

Harvest with Intention

It is not what we label them: mistakes, failures, disappointments

It is how we help them live again

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